Chapter 3 Completed! (The Way Home Remastered)

Chapter 1 Word Count: 1817
Chapter 2 Word Count: 1839
Chapter 3 Word Count: 2062

Progress with this book has been somewhat slow, but I’m pleased to announce that my third chapter is completed! I don’t see myself getting much work done for the next two or three days, so I’ll probably have it done in about a week, maybe less if I work a few extra hours on it.

With Nothing But Garble, I spent hours on making my book as good as possible, and I intend to do the same with The Way Home Remastered. However, I don’t see this book being done before November unless I work on it a lot.

Peace out, homies.

Chapter 1 Completed! (The Way Home Remastered)

Chapter 1 Word Count: 1739

Now that I’ve finally had the time to start work on The Way Home Remastered, a ton of progress has been made. I spent a ton of today working on my first chapter, and I was able to get it done. Of course, there’s still revisions and editing and all that to deal with, but the first draft is completely finished.

I don’t want to say much about the book so far, but I will say that this book already is a higher quality than the original The Way Home and its sequel, Second Voyage. I can’t tell whether or not this will become a better book than Nothing But Garble, but I can always hope!


Beginning of a New Book

Yo. I’m not dead.

As I’m sure most people who read this are aware, I have started to write a new book, “The Way Home Remastered.” In the first few weeks of my summer, though, I have been preoccupied with other tasks. I also tend to find it difficult to work on a book, especially in its first stages of development, without any outside encouragement or inspiration.

Nevertheless, I’m just about ready to resume work on the book. I’m hoping it releases in the middle of the summer, so I can give those to my fellow peers in high school.

Nothing But Garble will also re-release when the new school year starts. That’s two books to get hyped for during high school!