Chapter 12 Completed! (The Way Home Remastered)

Chapter 1 Word Count: 1895
Chapter 2 Word Count: 1838
Chapter 3 Word Count: 2099
Chapter 4 Word Count: 2032
Chapter 5 Word Count: 1699
Chapter 6 Word Count: 2344
Chapter 7 Word Count: 2005
Chapter 8 Word Count: 1812
Chapter 9 Word Count: 1766
Chapter 10 Word Count: 2335
Chapter 11 Word Count: 2482
Chapter 12 Word Count: 2028
Total Word Count: 24,615

These last couple chapters have been a lot longer than some of the earlier ones, that’s for sure! I’ve been working for a couple hours a day on the next book, and I’m eager to get it out before the end of the year. At the pace I’ve been going this past week, I see it incredibly possible that we’ll be out before December. However, no dates are set in stone yet. My goal is 40,000 words and a a maximum of 20 chapters so you can visualize the amount of work I have left fairly easily.


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