The Way Home Remastered Progress Update

It’s been about 20 days since I last updated this website, mostly because I forgot to right my 30.000 words post. Since then, I have gotten halfway through Chapter 17 out of 19, and have 34,500 words completed. Despite the lack of updates on the website, I can assure everyone that work is definitely getting done. The goal is to finish writing the story in the next couple days, which is a tough goal, but I will be attempting to write at least 1,000 words every day.

Chapter 14 Completed! (The Way Home Remastered)

I don’t have the document loaded up right now, so I won’t give away the amount of words in each chapter, but I can tell you that we are at about 28,500 words total.

The plan is to have about eighteen chapters, depending on how much substance will be in each chapter. Expect a number around that area. I’m going to need more words on the final chapter to conclude the story, and perhaps a small author’s note at the end.