The Way Home Remastered Official Release

After almost half a year since its announcement, The Way Home Remastered has finally released. It’s been a fun ride, but I’m more than burnt out on writing for at least the next few months. Posts on this page will be rather quiet for the next few months.

As for the future of my writing, I doubt something else is releasing this school year. With less people I know reading books on a regular basis, my motivation will likely decline. I do expect to be writing another book at some point or another, but I definitely need a break.

Thanks for all the support, and hit me up if you want one o dem copies.


It’s Done (The Way Home Remastered)

I have finally finished writing the final chapter of The Way Home Remastered! It’s been a fun ride, and all I have to do now is proofread. The rest is in the hands of the publishers.

I also hit my 40,000 word goal, so this is my first real novel.

Thanks for the support, more progress updates soon.

The Way Home Remastered Progress Update

It’s been about 20 days since I last updated this website, mostly because I forgot to right my 30.000 words post. Since then, I have gotten halfway through Chapter 17 out of 19, and have 34,500 words completed. Despite the lack of updates on the website, I can assure everyone that work is definitely getting done. The goal is to finish writing the story in the next couple days, which is a tough goal, but I will be attempting to write at least 1,000 words every day.

Chapter 14 Completed! (The Way Home Remastered)

I don’t have the document loaded up right now, so I won’t give away the amount of words in each chapter, but I can tell you that we are at about 28,500 words total.

The plan is to have about eighteen chapters, depending on how much substance will be in each chapter. Expect a number around that area. I’m going to need more words on the final chapter to conclude the story, and perhaps a small author’s note at the end.

Chapter 12 Completed! (The Way Home Remastered)

Chapter 1 Word Count: 1895
Chapter 2 Word Count: 1838
Chapter 3 Word Count: 2099
Chapter 4 Word Count: 2032
Chapter 5 Word Count: 1699
Chapter 6 Word Count: 2344
Chapter 7 Word Count: 2005
Chapter 8 Word Count: 1812
Chapter 9 Word Count: 1766
Chapter 10 Word Count: 2335
Chapter 11 Word Count: 2482
Chapter 12 Word Count: 2028
Total Word Count: 24,615

These last couple chapters have been a lot longer than some of the earlier ones, that’s for sure! I’ve been working for a couple hours a day on the next book, and I’m eager to get it out before the end of the year. At the pace I’ve been going this past week, I see it incredibly possible that we’ll be out before December. However, no dates are set in stone yet. My goal is 40,000 words and a a maximum of 20 chapters so you can visualize the amount of work I have left fairly easily.


Character Summaries RELEASED! (The Way Home Remastered)

Chapter 7 was completed last night, and tonight I bring The Way Home Remastered’s Characters page! You can view it by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking “The Way Home Remastered (Characters).”

On the page, there are detailed synopses of every main character with no spoilers. The section includes no antagonists at the moment, and will not until the book releases at the end of 2017.

Writer’s Block (The Way Home Remastered)

I’ve been trying to get work done for the past week and a half, but have been having tons of issues. The quality of my most recent chapter has been poor compared to the rest of the story, and it will definitely be difficult to revise. I do plan on finishing the first draft of Chapter 7 by tomorrow, and I want to have either Chapter 8 or 9 done before school starts again.

Thank you for supporting me!

Chapter 6 Completed! (The Way Home Remastered)

Chapter 1 Word Count: 1836
Chapter 2 Word Count: 1833
Chapter 3 Word Count: 2076
Chapter 4 Word Count: 2006
Chapter 5 Word Count: 1680
Chapter 6 Word Count: 2327

I’m finally finished with Chapter 6 of The Way Home Remastered! I’m really pleased with how this is turning out, and I can’t wait to share it with my readers! The story has also gotten over 12,000 words! Thanks to everyone who has supported me.

Quick Break

After finishing Chapter 5 of The Way Home Remastered, I was burnt out on writing. I decided to take a week long break before coming back and writing Chapter 6.

That week is finally over, and now I’ve gotten back to writing again! Expect more updates in the near future.