Nothing But Garble

Nothing But Garble is the fourth book I have written. It features thirteen different short stories, all with connected plots. Because of this, the story makes most sense to read in order.

While the story has many different and interesting protagonists, there is no one main character. John, a character who miraculously wakes up on his ceiling one morning, Alex the Lion from Madagascar, and even seventy-four time Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings are all important characters.

Since most people don’t know what it actually means, the word “garble” means “reproduce…in a confused or distorted way.”


1. John – A Story of Tangerines, Ceilings, Ropes

2. Neighbors

3. Ebenezer Scroodolph

4. Two Guys On a Boat

5. Missing

6. The Three Presidents

7. Operation Executive

8. Journey to Hell

9. On to Canada!

10Find and Retrieve

11. Extravagant

12. The Last Christmas

13. John 2 – Fix Everything