The Way Home Remastered (Characters)

The upcoming rewrite of The Way Home features characters vastly different from the characters of my old work.

NOTE: There are little to no spoilers for the book in this section currently, since the book has not yet released. This page will be updated after the book releases.

Rudy Oliver

Rudy is the main protagonist. He had unexpectedly woken up in the chaotic city of Cenaville one evening at three in the morning. Rudy soon notices that he is not alone. Ten other people live in the same house he had awoken in. The issue is that these people seem to have known Rudy their whole lives, and have never even heard of Earth. Rudy decides that he has to keep his secret from his fellow roommates, fearing that they may not believe his tale. Our protagonist is very determined and eager to learn more about Cenaville throughout the book, and takes every opportunity to explore that he can.

Clifford Rooster

He’s an inspiration to most of the team. In the dangerous city of Cenaville, plenty of people will get sick, injured, and in some cases, die. Clifford is essentially the person who tries to raise the team’s morale. He’s serious quite often, but if the team is ever feeling down, Clifford’s always able to lighten the mood. Also the only person old enough to carry a gun, Clifford is a big fan of food, pepperoni and chicken noodle being some of his personal favorites. He’s also bald, so that’s cool.

Diana Bumpersticker

Diana overworks herself way more than anyone else on the team. She always takes the toughest jobs and makes sure that no teammate is left behind. Diana would stop at nothing to make sure everyone is safe, usually at the cost of her own health. Athletic and fit, she’s also one of the fastest runners of the team. This makes it easier for her to escape deadly situations, but Diana doesn’t run her fastest if it prevents her from helping the team. She also shows little consideration for the law, and often breaks it if it’s in the best interest of the team. Diana is almost eighteen, and tends to be impatient when it comes to getting a gun.

Guy Poodle

A loudmouth and sometimes even flirtatious man. Similar to Clifford, he loves food, especially bread. He even goes as far as to call Virginia the “Bread Goddess.” When things get serious, though, Guy’s just as determined as the rest. He’s dependable, fast, and tends to be a voice of confidence.

Virginia and Griffin Reagan

They’re brother and sister with a three year age difference. Virginia is fourteen while Griffin is seventeen. Other than the numbers, the two siblings are very similar people. Both know how to cook and make bread, although Virginia is more well known for it, and they are both generally negative people. Virginia in particular is angry because she is almost never allowed to leave the house because she’s either too young, or Guy doesn’t want to lose the creator of his bread. Griffin is usually allowed out onto the streets of Cenaville, but tends to get in arguments a lot. He’s also impatient and has difficulty waiting, even repeatedly shouting “Are we there yet?” if the team ever has to walk somewhere.

Luke Sighsmore

While he doesn’t play it as risky as Diana, Luke is one of the most driven members of the team. He’s passionate, and very politically engaged. If he ever has to, Luke is completely willing to take a leadership role. All he cares about is whether or not his friends are safe, but makes sure to stay safe himself. Luke is more driven by his emotions, rather than what makes sense, which can sometimes make him more irrational than smart.

Heather Hoopers

Rudy’s ex-girlfriend who likes to live her life to the fullest. She’s playful and loves to crack jokes, but cares way too much about her own appearance. Heather isn’t very fit and doesn’t usually go too far from the house, but always likes to go outside on a nice, cold night.

Stewart Stewy Stewarson

The brains of the team. Stewart thinks more logically, and never lets his emotions get the better of him. He always takes the safest routes, even if it is the morally incorrect route to take. Stewart is the opposite of fit, and often lags behind the rest of the team, especially if they’re running.

Kira Koala

Kira usually tends to stay at home, tending to the house. She is constantly worried about the rest of her team, and hates leaving the safety of her own home. Kira isn’t close to many of the roommates other than Luke, her childhood friend since they were young.

Billy Yllib

He hates a lot of things, but loves to wear his hat backwards like a hipster. You’d probably mistake him for being emo, but Billy is just a negative person. He dislikes most food, and his fitness is almost as bad as Stewart’s.