The Way Home Remastered

The Way Home Remastered is a rewrite of my second story, The Way Home.

This version of The Way Home is incredibly different, and is barely even the same story. A few of the character names are the same, and many of the elements in the book are added into the Remastered version. Other than that, however, it is a complete reimagining of the original work.

The Way Home Remastered stars Rudy, a man who suddenly wakes up in a distant world called Cenaville. He discovers that Cenaville is a city full of witchcraft and crime, and must do his best to survive the witches and find The Way Home.

There are eleven characters in The Way Home Remastered, each one being more fleshed out than in the original story. Many characters in the original have incredibly similar and in many cases the same personalities as each other, but each person has their own distinct personality this time around (Thank God). One of the most interesting features of the supporting characters is that they seem to have known Rudy their entire life. This is strange, considering Rudy used to live on Earth, not in the dangerous world of Cenaville.

The Way Home Remastered is predicted to release sometime before the end of 2017.


1. Good Morning
2. Nightfall
3. Fire and Brimstone
4. Pursuit
5. Secrets
6. Eviction Notice
7. Jungle Jam
8. Witch Watch
9. Alex and Gloria
10. Clock Tower Turmoil
11. Heroes of Cenaville
12. Knock Knock
13. Law and Order
14. Verdict
15. Revelation
16. Invading the Mountains
17. Battle of the Ages
18. Meanwhile
19. To Kill a God