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Hello, it has been a few years since this website was updated. It is now mostly a fossil that continues to grow older with each passing day. The creation of it was meant to promote / give updates to people I went to school with about the books I was writing at the time. However, I have not written a complete book since ninth grade, and the release of my last work, The Way Home Remastered, is nearly four years ago. While a year after I came up with a new concept that I still believe in to this day, progress on that work never made it past the first few chapters.

I never officially quit writing, but I did move on to other forms of media. A year after The Way Home Remastered, I made a student film called Roger Rogers VS The Hat Baron that I found to be a fun accomplishment and mostly a satirical parody of action movies. While a sequel was planned, global shutdowns delayed progress on it indefinitely, and now I wish to rewrite the script in its entirety while still keeping the core elements of the film intact.

So I had conquered the media of writing and of filmmaking, and early this year my focus had shifted toward songwriting. For my brother’s birthday, I created an album based on the old songs we used to write when I was incredibly young. Many of the songs are related to inside jokes or old YouTube videos. The production was decent, and I decided to put it on a bandcamp page for the world to hear, although with 2 less songs included due to privacy reasons. Since the first album’s release in February, I’ve been working on a second album where myself and Pumbaa from The Lion King travel through time. The project will of course be called “Eamonn and Pumbaa Travel Through Time,” and is looking to be better and more digestible than my debut.

You can find all my music at:

This site will likely be used as a place where I post occasional updates on whatever media I end up working on. Right now it’s satirical music, but who knows? Maybe I’ll write again someday. I’m hoping to launch a podcast too so be on the lookout for that. I don’t really expect anyone to read this, but hey if you do enjoy the very occasional updates. I’ll be back when the album’s out or if all hell breaks loose. We’ll see!

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